Community Collaboration

Module Overview

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Welcome to our module designed to help aspiring, new, or experienced superintendents become more effective through community collaboration!

We appreciate the opportunity to share some examples of community partnerships in our districts and explain how they have enhanced our ability to meet the needs of our students.

We hope that the information and insights in this module will increase your opportunities to build new and better partnerships for student success.

Join us as we tell our story about how community collaborations have improved the opportunities for our students in the following areas:
* Human Services
* Student Achievement
* Leadership Development

We want to show how collaborating with your community can help you:
* Be a better steward of resources as you engage your community;
* Identify the essential components of good community partnerships;
* Identify needs of your district and what community partners can do to assist you in meeting the needs of students.
* Build effective collaborative efforts in ties of reduced resources;
* And answer the question- why community collaborations are essential to be included on superintendent's agenda.
Please spend some time in the Elements of Community Partnerships, Resource Library and our Annotated Bibliography to see specific examples of collaborative partnerships in the Carroll County and Madison County School Districts.

We hope you enjoy the journey.

Lisa and Tommy

Next Generation Superintendent Effectiveness Standards: A Leader-Scholar Community

Join Superintendents Lisa James and Tommy Floyd as they discuss the benefits of successful community partnerships in their districts and explain the processes that they have used to enhance community collaborations.

This module also addresses the benefits of engaging in community collaborations that can have an impact on student learning outcomes.  In a time of diminishing fiscal resources, the potential impact of engaging in community partnerships that can enhance the educational programs, human service resources, and leadership capacity of school districts is a worthwhile expenditure of a superintendent's time and energy.


Link to NXGSES Standards

21st Century Superintendents- Planning for the Next Generation