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Randy Poe, Superintendent of Boone County Schools, welcomes you to a unique, challenging, yet rewarding examination of dispositional hiring and how recruiting teacher candidates with the right dispositions can lead to transformational change in your organization.

Included herein are information and tools--from research-based perceptual theory, to hands-on training, to the ability to view great teachers–that we believe will help lead your schools to higher academic performance for all students and better prepare them to be college, career, and life ready!

Transformational Change Through Dispositional Hiring Processes

What you will learn to do:

Develop essential skills and strategies that will enable you to implement dispositional hiring practices for systemic reform.

Module Overview:

Districts today face the challenge of developing quality school systems that must prepare all students to be career, college, and life ready. Considering the rate of technological, economic, and global change, this presents us with an unprecedented challenge in the history of public education. In order for a district to perform well in this complicated era of reduced support, rapid change, increasing accountability and standard-based reform, we have no choice but to use every resource to its maximum benefit. There is no resource more important than the people who directly touch the lives of students. This leads us to our “dispositional hypothesis”:

The most effective strategy for improving performance of students and school climate is to hire the right teachers and then invest in them to become more effective as people and in their jobs.

Module Objectives:
  • Answering the question: Why are dispositions important?
  • Building and assessing leadership capacity for transformation change through dispositional hiring practices
  • Learning strategies to train principals and school site-based councils to be dispositional raters
  • Designing questions for screening/recruiting based on selected dispositions
  • Developing pre-employment dispositions questions
  • Understanding the importance of dispositions using video examples of effective teachers
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