• Superintendent Search Services

    It's that time of year! Annually, many school boards across the state
    begin the search for a new leader and we want members to know that your
    association, KASA, provides outstanding superintendent search services to
    those making this vital decision. KASA organizes the kind of high-quality
    search process that school board members and their community expect. We
    deliver a process based on optimism, transparency, valuing the voice of all
    stakeholders, and a solid plan to keep constituents informed appropriately of
    progress along the way.

    KASA Superintendent Search Services are built to demonstrate the
    highest legal and ethical standards. And once your new superintendent
    is in place, KASA is the sole provider of statutory required training for all
    new superintendents, thus, there is a seamless connection between his/her
    selection and their all-important first year of service. We exist to promote,
    support, and improve the quality of school leadership in the commonwealth
    and we bring that spirit to every search we conduct. In recent years, KASA
    has led searches in districts of all sizes including Nelson County, Bardstown
    Independent, Hardin County, Bullitt County, Owensboro Independent,
    Daviess County, and others.

    KASA members, should you learn that your district will be seeking a new
    superintendent, be sure to remind your board members that KASA is a
    leading provider of this work and ask them to consider KASA to represent
    and support them through this process.
    For more information, contact Owens Saylor at (800) 928-5272 or