July Progress on "ILP" Posting

By Janice Lantz posted 08-06-2018 13:34

I am delighted to report that every member of Cohort 7 has met the July target of one entry into his/her Electronic Portfolio. Kudos to each of you during this very busy time in the superintendent's position. Our "winner" for July has entered 19 artifacts including the 30-60-90 Day Plan. My thanks to those of you who have forwarded draft copies of your PGP's and 30-60-90 Day Plans. I am looking forward to reviewing more of these wonderful planning documents. Just a reminder that you need to have uploaded a minimum of 7 artifacts (one for each Standard) by the end of August. Please do not hesitate to call if you want to discuss the process or need help. 502-249-2022. Best wishes as you meet and greet your students.