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Be Legendary: Lessons #10 and #11 learned from Michael Jordan

By Brian Lile posted 06-01-2019 17:22


Lesson #10:  Know What is Within You, Even If Others Can’t See It

Know that greatness is within you and seek to display this greatness.  Know that you were created to do great work.  Remember the hard work that you have put into becoming what you are today.  Believe in yourself and seize the moment.  Jon Gordon shares in Training Camp,

“To seize the moment, don’t let your failure define you; let it fuel you.  Don’t run from fear; face it and embrace it.  Don’t let fear rob you of your love and joy; let it push you into the moment and beyond yourself.  Let it inspire you to live and work each day as though it were your last.”

Trust that no matter what decision you make that you have done your very best.  Have the confidence to make a solid decision, the courage to admit when it fails, and celebrate with others when it succeeds.  Prove to others what a great educator you are and don’t be ashamed of it!  Know that greatness is within you!  Be legendary!

Lesson #11:  Patience is More Important than Courage

We always want success, now or even yesterday.  It is so hard for us to realize that things won’t happen as fast as we would like.  We have to have the patience to see things through.  When others look at your past successes, they only see the end result.  We can reflect and see the hard work and patience we demonstrated to achieve our current success.  Even the journey we saw along the way was just a small snapshot of the things to come.  We must take in the whole picture and realize that there are no overnight successes.  Overnight successes are a myth.  Jon Gordon says, “Ironically, to enjoy success you must not focus on it.  Rather, you must focus on the process that produces success.”  When success comes, we must remind our staff that we have worked hard to get to where we are today and it required a lot of patience along the way.  Strive for excellence!  Work hard!  Put in the extra hours of effort!  Be patient!  It’s worth it!  Be legendary!