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Be Legendary: Lesson #7 learned from Michael Jordan

By Brian Lile posted 04-01-2019 09:45


Lesson #7:  Do What They Say You Can’t

Many educational leaders share their vision for the road ahead, only to be faced with negativity.  People saying that it can’t be done or that your vision is too crazy, too farfetched.  When it comes to success, many naysayers will tell you that your luck has ran out, you have maxed out, and you can’t get better.  Never let this get you down.  Never let this destroy your vision.  Never let this destroy your belief in your vision.  Believe it can be accomplished.  One sad fact is that some of those who are telling you that it can’t be done may not even be strangers; they can be close friends or colleagues.  If you haven’t read Cross the Line by Sam Parker, pick up a copy.  Parker shares, “…there will be those people – those people who’ve decided they’d rather not cross the line and would prefer you didn’t either.  Maybe they’ll sprinkle a little doubt or withhold a little encouragement at just the right time.”  The only way to prove them wrong is to do it.  Do what they say you can’t!  Be legendary!