Summertime Opportunities

By Brian Lile posted 07-09-2018 12:16


Summertime is a great opportunity for educational leaders to relax and recharge our batteries for the new school year which is quickly approaching. 

As educational leaders, we need to also use this time to focus on the successes that we experienced throughout the past school year.  This is an extremely valuable practice of which we should take advantage.  By focusing on our past successes, we are able to stay positive and use these past successes to excite us about the upcoming school year and the future successes we will experience.  We need to share these past successes with our staff as well, exciting them and keeping them looking forward to the new opportunities and successes that await them in the upcoming school year.  Sharing our successes with our staff is important, but we also need to share our successes with our community, letting them know that great things are happening in our schools/districts.

After revisiting our past successes, educational leaders need to begin preparing opportunities for even greater successes.  Summertime is a great opportunity to read a few good books to enhance your professional growth.  (See below for a few that I have read this summer and highly recommend).  The key to effective summer reading is application.  We must be able to apply our new knowledge/strategies to our school or district. 

A great opportunity for professional growth, networking, and creating excitement for the upcoming year is coming up at KASA ALI 2018!  If you haven’t made plans to attend, don’t miss this great event!  Looking forward to seeing everyone in Louisville on July 25-27 for the KASA Annual Leadership Institute!

A Few Good Books
The Little Things by Andy Andrews
Shifting the Monkey by Todd Whitaker
The Power of Positive Leadership by Jon Gordon
The Power of a Positive Team by Jon Gordon
If You Don't Feed the Teachers They Eat the Students by Neila A. Connors