Cultural Leadership

Module Overview

This module addresses superintendent effectiveness by focusing on developing a school culture that will improve student achievement and establish an environment of continuous improvement. Culture trumps everything. Or as Dr. Peter Drucker (1909-2005) is credited with saying, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." At no time has school culture and climate been more important than right NOW as each of us works to implement higher standards and a more rigorous and challenging accountability system in Kentucky. In this module Superintendents Dot Perkins and Jim Flynn will provide evidence of successful experiences that can develop and sustain effective school and district cultures.

Module at a Glance

Cultural Leadership - Creating the Conditions for Success & Superintendent Effectiveness Next Generation New Superintendents Leadership Series (NxGNSLS)

Superintendent Dot Perkins, Gallatin County & Superintendent Jim Flynn, Simpson County

Superintendents understand and act on the important role a system’s culture has in the exemplary performance of all schools. They understand the people in the district and community, how they came to their current state, and how to connect with their traditions in order to move them forward to support the district’s efforts to achieve individual and collective goals. While supporting and valuing the history, traditions, and norms of the district and community, a superintendent must be able to “re-culture” the district, if needed, to align with the district’s goals of improving student and adult learning and to infuse the work of the adults and students with passion, meaning, and purpose.

Join Superintendent Dot Perkins and Superintendent Jim Flynn as they provide evidence and discuss benefits of the successful implementation of best practices that enhance school and district culture for continuous student success.

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